LogMeIn Rescue Step-by-Step Connection Guide

Starting a Rescue Lens Session on an Android Device

LogMeIn Rescue is a tool that technicians use to access remote computers and mobile devices. While this guide speaks directly to the customer, Rescue technicians can use this section to understand the end-user experience during a remote support session. "You" in this document refers to the customer receiving remote support.

Rescue Lens is LogMeIn Rescue's video-enabled support solution. With Rescue Lens, support technicians are able to use the camera of a customer's mobile device to provide a secure, live camera feed to the LogMeIn Rescue Technician Console, thus allowing them to see the actual situation the customer is facing and help them solve complex set-up, configuration or troubleshooting issues.

Rescue Lens is safe and secure. All communication between the customer and the technician is SSL-encrypted.

Attention: You must have Rescue Lens for Android from Google Play to use this tool.
Attention: Rescue Lens is available only for Android 4.1 and above.
Note: Actual screens and procedures may vary slightly depending on your device model and LogMeIn Rescue settings on the technician's side.
  1. Download the Rescue Lens for Android mobile app.
    Tip: If the app is already installed on your device, tap Rescue Lens on your Home page or app tray.

    To continue, go to Step 2.

    1. Go to Google Play and search for the Rescue Lens for Android app .
    2. Tap the Install button. The App permissions screen is displayed.
    3. Tap Accept. Installation of the app starts.
    4. When the app has been installed, tap OPEN.
  2. You may see a tutorial.
    Tip: To read the tutorial, swipe left/right.

    Tap Skip or OK.
  3. To grant the app access to the device camera, tap OK.

  4. The technician gives you a 6-digit PIN code.
  5. Type the code in the field labeled Enter your six-digit PIN code and tap Connect.

    Important: The camera image is already displayed on the mobile device. However, it is not yet streamed to the technician.
  6. Accept the End-User License Agreement by tapping Accept.
  7. Once the applet is running, wait for the technician to activate your session.
    Note: The exact way of starting the session depends on settings on the technician's side.
    When the session is activated, the moving image captured by the device's camera is streamed to the technician.

What can the participants do during a Rescue Lens session?

Exact capabilities may vary according to LogMeIn Rescue settings on the technician's side.

  • Using the Menu button, you can Pause streaming or Disconnect at any time during the session .

    Tip: When you want to resume streaming, tap the notification bar on the top of the screen.

    Note: The camera stream is also paused when the Lens app goes to the background. When you return to the app, streaming automatically resumes.
  • The technician can use the Whiteboard feature to draw on the camera image appearing on the screen of the customer mobile device to highlight particular areas or objects. For example, the technician can highlight a part that needs to be removed or a plug/switch that needs attention.

    Whatever the technician draws on the screen stays attached to the object that appeared behind the drawing at the time of annotation. When you move the mobile device, the annotation will move on the screen together with the object to which it is related. For example, if the technician uses the Whiteboard to highlight a specific switch on a device, the highlight will stay with that particular switch when its relative position on the screen changes.

  • You can communicate with the technician via chat. You can extend, minimize, and close the chat dialogue on the screen of the mobile device by swiping up or down.